Moving, sort of!

I have 5 different writing projects on five different blogs, all with five different domain names.  Today, I’ve consolidated everything into one, over at  Sometime in the next couple of days, the domain name will point to that site.

Overall, nothing much will change.  You’ll still be able to go to to find info, updates, and read the story.  It will look a little different, and you’ll have to click the “books” link at the top.  But all the content will still be there.

As a thank you for putting up with the consolidation, I’m going to offer a couple of things.  First, the entirety of the first book will be available for online reading, not just the first six chapters.  Also, for the first time ever, I will make the .mobi (for kindle) and epub (for other readers)  version of A Father’s Quest available for download, for free.

Secondly, sometime in the next few days, I will start posting all BRAND NEW chapters of the next book in the What Zombies Fear universe, LEGION for people who Subscribe to the new blog   <— Click there to subscribe!

Laura and I have the greatest readers in the world.  We are so grateful for every single one of you.  Thank you so much for supporting us.


Please comment! I love feedback!

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