The Evolution of Vaughn

I’m really happy to announce the release of my newest book “The Evolution of Vaughn”.

This book takes place in the same universe as What Zombies Fear, except that it’s WAY in the future.  This is much more sci-fi.  While Vaughn is fighting the E’Clei (Yes, that battle is still going), there is no mention of zombies.  Those of you who have read What Zombies Fear will recognize names, The Maxists (yes, they’re still around too!), The E’Clei, and several others.


From Amazon:

Vaughn, a human born on a distant planet long after earth has been destroyed, is the first of his race to be invited to the prestigious Fogerian War Institute. After glory in the Fogerian War with the parasitic E’Clei, Vaughn is raised to the rank of Captain, and given command of The Reetus for the duration of the conflict.
Long after the war, Vaughn is married and lives a simple life, mining his remote moon for a precious mineral and raising his son. He arrives home from a routine business trip to find dead members of an ancient human cult called The Maxists littering his moon. Vaughn goes on a quest to find out what happened.
The action heats up when he discovers his son is still alive, and has being held heart of E’Clei territory.
Going to get his son could disrupt the shaky cease-fire between the Fogerians and the E’Clei, igniting an all new war. Leaving his son in the hands of the parasites he spent so much of his life fighting is not an option.
How far will he go to retrieve his son and exact justice from those responsible?

Go check it out!

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